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About ME

Wafeeq is a certified Professional Life Coach and a Certified Youth, Parent, & Family Coach, with program accreditation from the International Coach Federation (ICF), the gold standard of coaching training.  Setting the standard for coaching competency.

Growing up in an impoverished community with limited resources, Wafeeq’s drive and determination allowed him to overcome obstacles, to navigate life without having a clear sense of direction, and to prevail over the feeling of hopelessness.  He had to learn how to adapt, reassess, and recalibrate his life. Ultimately, it was his ability to absorb the adverse while continuing to try to find meaning and purpose which led him to find his niche within the healing community and become the Life Coach that he is today.


Part of the work he did on himself to achieve his goals included cultivating a perspective and personal outlook on life that would best serve him in his pursuit of greatness.  Intentionally tapping into his growth mindset allowed him to strategize his way out of the difficult situations he found himself in as it applies to the impoverished community and limited resources, he had available to him.  Wafeeq transformed his pain points into purpose, and he relied on his resilience as his resolution to do more for himself.

Wafeeq utilized tons of research to help him zero in on his path to becoming a Coach, ultimately leading him to complete his certifications, where he was immediately able to start providing coaching to people from all walks of life.  He believes that coaching someone to make a positive shift and create meaningful change in their lives is an empowering exchange of energy, both a collateral and reciprocal experience between the Client and the Coach.  Further, he believes that connecting with the right Coach at the right time can make all the difference in someone’s life.


All this to say, Wafeeq is the most qualified Coach to help you move through difficult transitions, because HE HAS WALKED THE WALK.  Regardless of the specifics or circumstances related to what makes your life transition difficult, Wafeeq is ready and eager to establish your tactical transition game-plan collectively as Client and Coach!  

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