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CTC provided a life coach who is understanding. The first intake meeting felt extremely personable and nonjudgmental. I felt that I could open up about things in my life during the sessions. Above all, I felt like the mentor took time to see my point of view to best understand how to support me as a life coach. It was very helpful and made me feel like my success mattered


I highly recommend CTC services. They provided me with superior life skills strategies that helped me with long lasting positive behavior changes, increase in creativity and flexibility, and improved performances. I use to be reluctant to change, but CTC worked with me and showed me that making changes can be enjoyable. As a result, my health and personal relationships have improved.

Thank you!


CTC coaching provided a calm personable interaction with no pressure or judgements. They were professional, knowledgeable and I felt like they truly cared about my success throughout this process.


The entire experience was extremely positive. I liked how Wafeeq first set up the process. He informed us how the entire session would go. He allowed each individual to be heard and he stayed clear of taking a side....his ability to be able to have everyone see their contributions to making some situations toxic, without saying a word, is genius. I enjoyed the session. And look forward to the next!

Letetia Thompson

I had an amazingly talented young man who needed help transitioning from high school into the next. He seemed shut down and couldn't see what the future might hold. Wafeeq exceeded my expectations as a life coach! My son went from disillusioned and inward to standing up for himself and crafting a life plan that he is now working toward. Wafeeq is positive, relational, and gifted in helping young people find their voice. Our family is grateful to have partnered with him. 


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