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Life's Work

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Written by Wafeeq Amin

LIFE Legacy, identity, fulfillment, evolution The key elements of living your life faithfully every day! Life is the most essential creation known to humankind. The ultimate realization we have but will never fully understand it. The only thing we have but we do not fully control. The epitome of our existence is to make an impactful contribution to this world. So, what is life? And how do we live it? Legacy- there is a great quote that always stand out when I think about legacy. People won’t always remember what you did for them, but they will always remember how you made them feel. The contribution you choose to exemplify your depiction of life has a lasting effect on every encounter, engagement and opportunity you have in this world. Your legacy is the only thing that you create that is guaranteed to outlive you. Developing the habits to live for your legacy not just your lifestyle, will be essential towards your impactful input and output. Be kind, be giving, be thoughtful, be inspiring, be committed to those attributes and watch every moment you live be monumental. Remember, legacy is defined by the people we leave behind.

Identify- Who am I? This is one of the most thought-provoking questions to ask yourself. The answer to this question will determine the core value of yourself. To tackle the truth, you must strip away all your accolades and titles. You must interview your soul for substance. That is who you are. The person looking back at you in the mirror. Not the person we strive to project to the masses. Get in touch with that person.

Internally rooted and externally blossomed. Your character is the catalyst to your own personal continuity. Your principles, morals and values are the center pieces of your lifestyle. That inner self must be nurtured meticulously in efforts to expedite your growth externally.

Fulfillment- fulfillment is something you want to be full of. Like a binge eating experience of your favorite meal. Fulfillment is our why, to our what we do daily. When you strive for a life of purpose and prosperity, fulfillment is your GPS system. How do we obtain it? We do the work of finding our identity and exploring what drives us. What motivates us, what is that one thing we would give and do without monetary gain. The cheat code of life is when you can find fulfillment, prosper, accumulate and generate income. That’s fulfillment. When you feel whole and content with a certain course of action, it brings gratitude and appreciation to your life. Once you find fulfillment, your inner happiness will light up like Christmas time in Times Square NYC.

Evolution- Our sole purpose of being created is to activate our creativity, reproduce for the next generation and evolve through every experience. So many people live a life of stagnation. It could be part of our own personal process; the other part is our own fear to evolve. Evolution is the epitome of self-empowerment. Your ability to invest your time and energy into evolution will determine your progress and successful outcomes. There is a saying that states, what does not grow, eventually dies. Now, we all have our own date with destiny. Evolution allows us to fully explore every experience intended for us. If we don’t grow or evolve, we won’t be able to unlock certain levels of life. Learning how to challenge yourself and push past our own limitations gives up a sense of liberation and freedom. You will never experience this operating off fear. This does not mean living a carless lifestyle and taking on all these unnecessary risks. More so, live a carefree lifestyle and listen to that inner instinct that commands you to change, grow and most importantly evolve.

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